Congratulations and welcome #Ursinus2023


There is no more powerful word than “us.” It turns a single person into a team. one person’s passion into a club. An idea into a movement. At Ursinus, we believe working together can solve any problem and achieve any goal— no matter how challenging. 

We have seen all of these qualities in you and your class. We value your accomplishments and ambitions, as you and your family surely do, too.  We hope you find that Ursinus is a place you call home for the next four years. Ready to become a part of “us”? Enroll today!

To Do List:


Among the Top 100 schools in New York Times ranking based on our commitment to ecomonmic access.

1 of 45 “Colleges that Change Lives” cited in a book on colleges that help students succeed.

The past decade, Ursinus students have won: 12 Kemper Scholarships, 10 Fulbright International Scholarships, 9 Watson fellowships, 6 Goldwater Scholarships, 2 National science Foundation graduate Reearch Fellowships and 1 Rhodes Scholarship.

1 of 75 colleges designated to name Bonner Leaders, who set an example for service and leadership.

Triple Play: Ursinus Scores as a Three-time ‘Top 100’ College. 

 Success Stories

  • Gerard Brown '18

    Gerard Brown ’18

    Double Major: Politics, Media & Communication Studies

  • Rise

    Mubarak Lawrence ’10 & Alex Peay ’09

    Co-Founders of Ones Up
    Philadelphia, Pa

  • Kisha Patel

    Kisha Patel ’17

    Politics and Women’s Studies at Ursinus
    First Year Law Student, University of North Carolina

  • Innitials

    Emily Schleicher ’16

    Penn State College of Medicine
    Hershey, Pa.

  • Kelly Becker

    Kelly Becker ’10

    Under Armour
    Baltimore, MD

  • Roseangela Hartford '18

    Roseangela Hartford ’18

    Major: International Relations and Spanish
    Minor: Latin American Studies and Environmental Studies