May Orientation FAQ

Do I have to attend May Orientation?

It is strongly advised that you make every attempt to attend one of the May Orientation days – it will prepare you for your first year at Ursinus. Meeting with your adviser, hearing about the residential experience, and making friends with other members of the Class of 2023 are just a few of the things that occur during May Orientation. 

Does it matter which day I attend May Orientation? 

There is no advantage to attending either day of Orientation. You will have the same opportunity to be placed in the classes you request and the orientation program is the same for both sessions.

What do I need to bring to the overnight program? When and where does it start?

For the overnight program, you will need to bring the following: sleeping bag or blanket, toiletries, comfortable clothing and shoes, umbrella (in case of rain), notebook, pen or pencil, an appetite for pizza and ice cream, and a lot of energy as you get to know your fellow classmate and the UC Ambassadors. The overnight program begins at 7:30 p.m. with registration at Olin Plaza. There are a variety of local lodging options for your family.

What time does Orientation begin if I just come for the day and not the overnight?

If you are just coming for the day, the program begins at 8 a.m. with registration at Olin Plaza. Meetings will begin at 9 a.m. after registration has concluded. 

Will I get a schedule of the day’s events in advance of May Orientation?

For families there will be a schedule of events posted online and they will receive a paper copy once they arrive on campus. Your schedules are specific to the individual student and will be prepared the day before your arrival on campus for the orientation program. You will also receive a paper copy once you arrive on campus. 

Will my family be able to attend my scheduled appointments with me during the Orientation day?

Your family will have a separate schedule prepared just for them. They will have the opportunity to attend a brief overview of the first-year advising program during a group meeting with your adviser.  

Will there be meals provided during the Orientation days?

If you attend the overnight there will be an ice cream social during registration along with a pizza party later in the evening. A limited breakfast will also be provided for those staying overnight. If you are arriving only for the day program there will be coffee and juices during registration open to all guests without charge. In addition to this, there will be a mid-morning refreshment break for families. Lunch will be provided for all Orientation participants. Lunch times will be different for students and families. 

What time does the day end?

Most students will be finished by 3:30 p.m. Some athletic teams hold team meetings at 3:30 p.m. and students will be notified individually by the coach. 

What if I am unable to attend May Orientation?

Please complete the online registration form and make certain that you check off the “Unable to Attend” box. If you are unable to attend, we will contact you after Orientation with instructions on how to register for classes, contact your adviser, housing selection, health/medical forms, etc. 

Who should I contact with questions?

Any Technical Issues with Ursinus email or login credentials: Technology Services at 610-409-3798 or via email.

Medical Forms/Insurance: The Wellness Center at 610-409-3100 or via email

Academic Advising: Ursinus Institute for Student Success at 610-409-3400 or via email.

Residence Life: Residence Life Office at 610-409-3590 or via email.

Dietary Needs: Sodexo (Michael Forstoffer) at 610-409-3234 or via email. 

Athletics: 610-409-3252

Disability Services: Shammah Bermudez at 610-409-3400 or via email.

General Orientation Questions: Institute for Student Success at 610-409-3400 or via email.