2021 First Year Move In

Alumni Referral Program

Refer a Bear!  The Ursinus Alumni Referral Program gives Ursinus alumni and current students the ability to refer prospective students, including transfers, to the college.

If you know a student who you believe would benefit from an Ursinus education, you can now refer them via our new Alumni Referral Program! Simply complete our short referral form, and we’ll let the student know you’ve referred them and invite them to learn more about Ursinus. If a student you recommend applies after you submit a referral form, we will send you an Ursinus shirt* as a token of appreciation!

*Limit of one shirt per admission cycle, per alumni. Shirts will be distributed or mailed after our Early Action (November), Regular Decision (February), and deposit (May) deadlines.

What kind of students should you send our way?

  • Students who don’t want a big school, but who do want a big experience. Ursinus is big enough to be part of a team, but small enough to be a star. Rather than limit our students’ interests to a select few, we encourage—and empower—them to pursue their passions, develop new ones, and find connections between them.
  • Students seeking the same sort of personal attention that earned us the distinction of being named one of the 44 Colleges that Change Lives. With an 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio, faculty and staff will know them by name, and serve as both mentors and cheerleaders to their students, whether they’re tackling a tough course or testing out a new hobby.
  • Students who would benefit from a priceless college experience that is surprisingly affordable. At Ursinus, our goal is to make an intimate, private liberal arts education possible for all of our students, which is why we offer scholarships of up to $40,000 per year. What’s more, our Gateway Scholarship gives first-year students who meet the scholarship an opportunity to receive $35,000 per year. Finally, our specialty scholarships award students up to $40,000 per year for excelling in areas of passion, ranging from creative writing to the sciences, music to service and social justice.