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Starting your college search is exciting, but like any new adventure, can make you a little nervous. That’s why we’re here to make it simple, fun and deliver some useful information along the way. So while you’re on a journey of exploration and discovery, we’ll be right here beside you, helping you find your perfect fit. No matter where you are in your high school career, now is the time to start exploring (and planning) for your next big chapter.

The College Search Rules: Our Most Important Tips

Starting Your College Search in 3 Easy Steps

Glossary of College Terms

  • <section class="large-cta" style="background-image: url('/live/image/gid/38/width/1440/height/730/34038_Make_Most_of_Visit.rev.1596731401.JPG')"><div class="large-cta__overlay"><h3 class="large-cta__headline">Top Tips for Planning College Visits and Tours</h3><div class="large-cta__caption">So the time has come, you’ve narrowed your list and you are ready to take it to the next level: Visits!<br/><a class="btn-link" href="/admission/starting-the-college-search/top-tips-for-planning-college-visits-and-tours/">Learn more</a></div></div></section>

  • <section class="large-cta" style="background-image: url('/live/image/gid/38/width/1440/height/730/34054_Alt_4.rev.1597336889.jpg')"><div class="large-cta__overlay"><h3 class="large-cta__headline">College Essay Tips</h3><div class="large-cta__caption">Got Writer’s Block? Tips to build the best “Story of You”.<br/><a class="btn-link" href="/admission/starting-the-college-search/the-college-essay-tips-to-build-the-best-story-of-you/">Details</a></div></div></section>


  • <section class="large-cta" style="background-image: url('/live/image/gid/38/width/1440/height/730/34055_ursinus093.rev.1597162906.jpg')"><div class="large-cta__overlay"><h3 class="large-cta__headline">The College Interview</h3><div class="large-cta__caption">Questions, Tips and How to Prepare<br/><a class="btn-link" href="/admission/starting-the-college-search/the-college-interview-questions-tips-and-how-to-prepare/">Details</a></div></div></section>
  • <section class="large-cta" style="background-image: url('/live/image/gid/38/width/1440/height/730/34057_Value_of_Liberal_Arts.rev.1597340613.jpg')"><div class="large-cta__overlay"><h3 class="large-cta__headline">Why the Liberal Arts?</h3><div class="large-cta__caption">A liberal arts education prepares students for jobs that don’t even exist yet.<br/><a class="btn-link" href="/admission/starting-the-college-search/why-the-liberal-arts/">Learn More</a></div></div></section>


  • <section class="large-cta" style="background-image: url('/live/image/gid/38/width/1440/height/730/31490_Campus_2019_0425_Ursinus_M_Likosky_7475.rev.1597336483.jpg')"><div class="large-cta__overlay"><h3 class="large-cta__headline">College Search During Covid</h3><div class="large-cta__caption">We know that your college search process will be different than you expected.<br/><a class="btn-link" href="/admission/starting-the-college-search/the-college-search-in-a-covid-world/">Our Advice</a></div></div></section>
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Ursinus Shield with leaves
Saturday Feb 13th, 2021

Virtual Access Ursinus

We hope you will join us on Saturday, February 13 from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m for our virtual Access Ursinus event. This event is for students who are looking for information specifically relating to inclusion at Ursinus College. Faculty, staff and current students will discuss topics including academics, student life, support and resources.
Ursinus Shield with leaves
Saturday Apr 24th, 2021

On-Campus Access Ursinus for Admitted Students

Join us on campus Saturday, April 24 from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. for Access Ursinus. This event is for admitted students who are looking for information specifically relating to inclusion at Ursinus College. Faculty, staff and current students will discuss topics including academics, student life, support and resources. Students will also have the opportunity to tour campus.

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