5 Reasons to Apply Early Action

The early bird—or rather, Bear—gets the worm! Applying Early Action to Ursinus gives you the greatest scholarship consideration, and that’s just the beginning. Read on for five reasons you should consider applying Early Action.

The college search and application process looks different for everyone, but by acting early, you can reap some major rewards. Here are five reasons to apply Early Action by our November 1 deadline:


  1. It’s non-binding…and free! Some students shy away from applying Early Action (EA) because they confuse it with Early Decision, and mistakenly believe that applying EA means they must attend Ursinus if they’re admitted. In fact, EA is non-binding, meaning there’s no commitment if you apply…though we certainly hope you do end up making Ursinus your home! Plus, applying via the Common Application or Coalition Application is free!
  2. It’s affordable: All first-year applicants are automatically considered for our merit scholarships, and every qualified admitted student, no matter their family’s income, is eligible to receive at least $24,000/year. Our Zacharias Honors Scholarship—our highest recognition for academic achievement and leadership—awards $40,000/year.
  3. It’s simple and straightforward: Submitting your SAT or ACT scores is optional, and there’s no supplemental application needed to apply to the college, unless you want to be considered for our specialty scholarships—which brings us to…
  4. EA applicants get top consideration for our specialty scholarships! Our specialty scholarships award up to $40,000/year to pursue your passions in areas such as science, entrepreneurship, the performing arts and social justice. For greatest consideration, apply to Ursinus Early Action by November 1 or Early Decision 1 by December 1 and complete the required supplemental application(s) by January 15. (Limited finalist spots are available for Regular Decision and Early Decision 2 students who apply to the college by January 13 and submit the supplemental application(s) by January 15.)
  5. You’ll receive your decision in December: When you apply EA, you’ll receive your decision before the end of the year! That means you can relax over the holiday break, and start the new year knowing you’re going to do great things!

Our free application opens August 1—get started today! And if you still have questions, your admission counselor is here to help!