College Search Rules

Our one-page guide of the most important college search tips, tricks and rules to keep handy.

  • Tap into your current school’s resources:

    Most high schools are offering virtual support sessions for students. From chatting with your school counselor, to tuning into one of the “College Search Advice” webinars, don’t forget about what your current school can offer you. Sessions typically cover application deadlines, how to use Naviance, the process for requesting your letters of recommendation, reviewing/proofreading applications and essays, and more.
  • Don’t overdo it. Start with 30 (minutes!):

    Just because you could virtually visit all of your top schools in a day, doesn’t mean that you should. You want to be energized, engaged and retain the information. If you try to cram it in, you’ll regret it (yes, just like that time you ate the entire pint of ice cream ), and the schools will start to blend together! Start with designating 30 minutes a day or a few times a week, and add on additional minutes as you narrow your list.
  • Demonstrate your interest…it matters:

    Speaking of staying engaged…remember that schools, including Ursinus, are tracking your demonstrated interest. Showing you are truly interested helps you stand out from a sea of applicants. Opening emails, attending events and interacting with counselors all play a part in your potential admission, so if a school is still on your list, make sure you’re staying connected!
  • Everyone’s different; don’t compare:

    Feeling stressed after hearing from your friend who’s applying to 20+ schools? Don’t be! Everyone’s college search looks different, and that’s totally normal. Though family members and friends who’ve gone through the college search can be a great source of advice, there’s no “right” or “wrong” blueprint to follow. Don’t feel pressured to apply somewhere because you “only applied to X schools,” or because that’s where your friends are applying. Make sure you can truly picture yourself attending a school before taking that step—you’ll save yourself a lot of time and energy!
  • YOU are what matters most:

    As we mentioned in Starting your college search in 3 Easy Steps, one of the most important parts of this process is to continually check in with yourself. Don’t be afraid to participate in an additional session with a school that you just aren’t sure about or email a counselor with the question you forgot to ask. This is a big investment – for you, your time and money – so do what you must to make sure you are 100% confident.