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The Liberal Arts Education: Value & ROI

So now that you know a little bit more about the fundamental principles of a liberal arts education, let’s talk about the value and return on investment.

Within six months of graduating, 94.4% of our graduates are employed, attending graduate or professional school full time, completing a fellowship or engaged in a year of service. Our graduates are chemists turning algae into biofuel. They are inventors working to solve world hunger. They become Rhodes Scholars, news anchors, community builders, frontier physicists and biomedical wunderkinds. They attend medical, law, business and graduate school at Columbia, Penn, Stanford and Yale, among other top universities.

In 2019, Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce did a study that analyzed the ROI of colleges at 10 years and 40 years following graduation.

  • The study found that the median ROI of liberal arts colleges is nearly $200,000 higher than the median for all colleges.
  • Further, the 40-year median ROI of liberal arts institutions ($918,000) is close to those of four-year engineering and technology-related schools ($917,000), and four-year business and management schools ($913,000).
  • What’s more, when compared to other liberal arts colleges, Ursinus’s ROI is 20% higher.

At Ursinus, we believe in the power of “And.” Our liberal arts education forms the individual’s personality and the intellect. We teach students how to think critically and communicate effectively, as well as how to work cooperatively and act ethically in order to become independent, responsible and thoughtful individuals. We empower our students to combine their interests. We teach our students to put what drives, inspires and energizes them together so they can live the life they want.

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