Ursinus Quest: Questions to Guide You through College and Beyond

For more than 150 years, we have provided an exceptional undergraduate liberal arts education, which has earned us recognition as one of the nation’s Colleges That Change Lives.

Our innovative core curriculum, Quest, and undergraduate experience have provided a national model for higher education. Quest asks four open questions: What should matter to me? How should we live together? How can we understand the world? What will I do?

The four open questions are a shift from the old model that at college, students seek out answers that have already been found. Instead, Quest gives students the ability to explore different ways of thinking about an issue, with the goal of thinking beyond the immediate or narrowed self-interest.

Through our liberal, transformative educational experience, we aim give our students the following qualities to help them find a meaningful career and rich, joyful life:

  • To cultivate in them the ability to make sound judgments. While we don’t know what technical skills our graduates will need in the future, we do know that they will come across questions without clear answers, and that they will benefit from the knowledge and experience of others.
  • To cultivate their intellect and character. We teach them how to live with uncertainty and ambiguity (the true definition of 2020!) in their personal lives, careers and to dig deep to solve problems.
  • To provide them with a rigorous education. We will ask them to push themselves harder than they ever thought possible and create the goals that drive them.

At Ursinus, our hope is that, regardless of major, each student will develop an automatic way of thinking around these themes that will lay the foundation for them to become a versatile leader who asks the hard questions, reflects and makes a lasting impact.

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