Making K'nextions

Why the Liberal Arts? Versatility and Personal Growth

Thinking Beyond Majors To Amplify Your Success

According to faculty, staff and our alumni, an Ursinus, liberal arts education prepares students for jobs that don’t even exist yet. Can we predict the future? Not exactly, but it does mean we recognize that change is constant. With our world transforming so quickly and new career pathways emerging almost daily, we focus on making sure our graduates can adapt to any opportunity that comes their way—even if that’s 20 years after graduation. Our liberal arts education:

  • Empowers students to pursue all of their passions, develop new ones, and find the connections between them.
  • Allows majors and/or minors in more than one area of study, encouraging students to become subject matter experts in the areas that truly inspire them.
  • Helps students master a multitude of subjects, solve problems on the fly and thrive when thrown into new scenarios.

Our Quest open questions curriculum is a shift from the old model that at college, students seek out an answer that has already been found. Instead, Quest gives students the ability to explore different ways of thinking about an issue, with the goal of thinking beyond the immediate or narrowed self-interest.

The critical thinking, interpersonal communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills our students learn—whether they’re an English major or a neuroscience major—are transferable to any career; as a result, our graduates leave Ursinus prepared to do anything, not just one thing. They develop a skill set that is relevant in a range of jobs and career fields, whether they find themselves in the board room, the operating room or the green room.