Admitted Student Expectations

Your offer of admission is contingent upon a number of factors and expectations of all admitted students.

You must successfully complete your current coursework if enrolled at another post-secondary institution, remain in good standing academically, and matriculate to Ursinus in good standing and without any outstanding disciplinary issues. If there are any disciplinary issues after you matriculate, you must send an updated Student Conduct Verification form to the Office of Admission.

By the time you matriculate as a student at Ursinus (i.e., your first day of arrival/move-in to campus, or start of orientation if a semester commences remotely), you must conduct yourself consistent with the expectations of the Ursinus community you will be entering. You should not engage in conduct – including through technology or social media – that adversely effects the College community, the function or operation of the College, or the mission, good name, and reputation of the College. We must emphasize that social media postings, in particular, can go “viral” even when you think they are private, and can put your admission in jeopardy.

Ursinus reserves the right to rescind your offer of admission if you do not fulfill these requirements before you matriculate as a student. Additionally, Ursinus reserves the right, even after you start at the College, to rescind your admission if we learn that you falsified or made any misrepresentations during the application process. As such rescission involves pre-student conduct, you are not entitled to any particular “student conduct process” in that circumstance.