Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Group

Ursinus College is committed to the celebration of and respect for human diversity.

The purpose of the Ursinus College Alumni Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Working Group is to gather voices and experiences of Ursinus College alumni with the purpose of advising and informing the office of advancement of unconscious bias related to race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability, socioeconomic status, and other topics that hinder an inclusive environment for all alumni. This group will independently evaluate existing programs and services for alumni with the purposes of making recommendations to programming that address diversity, equity and inclusion, helping to remove barriers to engagement amongst a more representative population of alumni, and encouraging the elevation of alumni leaders into volunteer roles who were previously not represented.


Read a statement from Ava Willis-Barksdale, Associate Vice President for Advancement here.

The Committee will meet quarterly via Zoom to:

- Discuss an antiracist agenda within the office of advancement

- Debrief any experiences that were negative during their time as a student or alumnus/a

- Re-evauluate any programs and engagement activities that disenfranchise alumni

- Make recommendations for tangible steps to enhance and create an equitable alumni experience

- Examine affinity programming related to diversity and inclusion and make recommendations for the office of alumni relations and annual giving

Interested in serving?  Apply here through December 22, 2020.


For questions, contact Mallory Stratton, associate director of alumni engagement (mstratton@ursinus.edu).