Episode 1: The Future of Footwear

Interview with Phil DeSimone ’12, Carbon

podcastIn this episode, host Johnny Myers ’19 sits down with Phil DeSimone ’12 to discuss his role in the partnership with adidas and Carbon to create the next breakthrough footwear, the first mass production process with revolutionary 3D printable materials, paving the way for custom high performance shoes.

  • Phil highlights that the entrepreneurial road is not always a smooth one.

  • Phil discusses what it’s like to be the co-founder of a growing company alongside his father, Joe DeSimone ’86.

  • Phil weaves his Ursinus education and knowledge of business models - talking up the importance of scale and volume, with the science involved in Carbon’s 3D printing approach using light and oxygen to create materials in a matter of minutes, revolutionizing the shoe industry through their partnership with adidas to create custom performance footwear.

  • It all started at Ursinus - Phil talks about how people shaped who is he is today, from faculty members such as Professors Becky Evans, Brian Marks, Steve Bowers, Scott Deacle, Houghton Kane, Joe Melrose, Ronald Hess and Vic Tortorelli.

  • Phil’s advice: changing your mind during your undergraduate coursework is okay, how important “trial and error” is when it comes to career paths and sometimes finding out what you don’t like leads to your true passion.