Free Will Brewing

Episode 2: Brewing in our Backyard

In this episode, host Johnny Myers ’19 sits down with John Stemler, former Ursinus biology student turned master brewer at Free Will Brewing.

  • John describes how throwing himself into home brewing on a whim paved the pathway to owning a business and brewing some of the most creative craft beers in the market.
  • John took a leap of faith and purchased an 8,600 square foot warehouse, now home to Free Will Brewing, which you can see shots of here. Free Will does several hundred beers a year and at least one new beer a week.
  • John recalls fondly his time living in Paisley and Reimert, taking biology and chemistry courses at Ursinus which eventually helped him understand the process of brewing.
  • Hear more about some of Free Will’s signature brews, learn more about the brewing process, and hear the blood, sweat and tears that goes into owning your own brewery.