STAT at Celebration of Lights

Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (S.T.A.T)

You’re only a student for four years, but you’ll always be a Bear for Life. 


Ursinus College Students Today Alumni Tomorrow (STAT) is a campus organization focused on exposing students to what it means to be proud Ursinus alumni and Bears for Life.  It is composed of enthusiastic students dedicated to educating the campus community about philanthropy as it relates to the College, increasing student engagement and school spirit, and advocating on behalf of the Office of Advancement.

Applications will be collected every Fall. 

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Meet Our Students

Alexa Alessandrini

Alexa Alessandrini

Class of 2024 | Limerick, PA

“I volunteered for STAT because I want to be a part in creating memorable experiences for students & myself.”

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Photo of Ben Antill

Ben Antill

Class of 2022 | Souderton, PA

“My favorite STAT memory is racing Lizzy DeWitt ’19 on the obstacle courses on #Giving2UCday.”

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Emily Benning ’24

Emily Benning

Class of 2024 | Pennsburg, PA

“I wanted to meet a group of people that I could get to know over the next 4 years, collaborate on my interests as I experience new things here, talk to alumni about their experiences and what led them to the career path they have decided to follow, and be able to help freshman feel just as welcome as I have!”

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Michele Bowen ’24

Michele Bowen

Class of 2024 | Abington, PA

” I volunteered for STAT because I love being creative and coming up with fun activities to do with my friends as well as making new friends and connections!”

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Rebecca Chernoff ’24

Rebecca Chernoff

Class of 2024

“I volunteered for STAT because Ursinus has already given me so much, so I want to help give back!”

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Tyler Chin ’24

Tyler Chin

Class of 2024 | Williamstown NJ

” I volunteered for STAT to become more engaged early on with the Ursinus community and leave my mark both as a student and later as an alumni.”

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Rosie Cuomo ’22

Rosie Cuomo

Class of 2022 | Scotch Plains, NJ

“I joined STAT because I wanted to help give back to Ursinus College and as well as facilitate relationships between alumni and current students and staff, something that I know I will want to participate in when I am an alumni!”

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Photo of Carolyn DeCicco

Carolyn DeCicco

Class of 2022 | Toms River, NJ

“I chose STAT because it’s a good opportunity to meet other students and help keep alumni involved in Ursinus life.”

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Photo of Kevyn Dewees

Kevyn Dewees

Class of 2022 | Huntingdon Valley, PA

“I have always had a mindset of giving back, and having a chance to help others realize why we should give back me to this organization in addition to getting to engage with other students, faculty and staff in a new way.”

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Katy Dietrich’25

Katy Dietrich

Class of 2025

“I volunteered to be a part of STAT because I wanted to continue my family’s legacy at the school, and help to create strong connections for the current students to become Bears for Life”

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Christopher Downs

Class of 2024 | Southlake, TX

“My favorite Ursinus memory is the night of my initiation to Phi Kappa Sigma.”

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Nethmi Ediriweera ’25

Nethmi Ediriweera

Class of 2025

“I love engaging with the community and STAT will be great opportunity for me to do that!”

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Kaya Eller ’25

Kaya Eller

“I volunteer for STAT because I want to help make UC a great place and that everyone feels included.”

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Photo of Cara Freedman

Cara Freedman

Class of 2022

“I chose STAT to expand upon the group of people I know, to connect with alumni, and to have a better understanding of what happens during and after my time at UC!”

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Layla Halterman ’23

Layla Halterman

Class of 2023

“Without Ursinus, I would be vastly different. It’s shaped a lot of who I am, so volunteering is my way of giving back to the present and past campus community.”

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Rachel Herman

Rachel Herman

My favorite Ursinus memory is the 2021 Homecoming/ Spirit Week!

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Sierra Hufnagle ’25

Sierra Hufnagle

Class of 2025

“I volunteered for STAT because I wanted to get more involved in and school and teach other what is so special about Ursinus College.”

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Diane Imboden ’24

Diane Imboden

Class of 2023 | Lancaster, PA

“I joined STAT because I wanted to contribute to the welcoming nature of our Ursinus community and honor the faculty and alumni that have made Ursinus a home to so many.”

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Simbarashe Kanjanda ’22

Simbarashe Kanjanda

Class of 2022 | Harare, Zimbabwe

“I volunteered for STAT to express and develop my school pride and engagement, for now and the future.”

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Thomas Katzenmoyer ’22

Thomas Katzenmoyer

Class of 2022 | Palmyra, PA

“I volunteered for STAT because I believe that I can add and get involved in STAT. STAT does amazing things and I would love to be a part of it!”

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Mckayla Lefkove ’22

Mckayla Lefkove

Class of 2022 | Hillsborough, NJ

“I volunteered for STAT because I wanted to be more involved in the work that gets put in for events that happen on campus every year including homecoming, Giving2UCday, and the many other events that happen throughout the year! I also want to be a part of the connection between current students and alumni. I love how involved alumni are in our school and I want to be a part of the bridge between them and us.”

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Ethan Levine ’25

Ethan Levine

Class of 2025

“I volunteer for STAT because I want to make the campus a fun place for everyone and contribute to exciting events.”

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Christina Mowad

“My favorite Ursinus memory is watching my first Football game last semester, it was great seeing everyone together having fun!”

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Aidan Nadell ’25

Aidan Nadell

Class of 2025

“I volunteer with STAT because I love belonging to something larger than myself.”

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Matthew Parias ’23

Matthew Parias

Class of 2023

“I wanted to volunteer for STAT to be involved in school activities such as homecoming and family day!”

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Photo of Raeann Risko

Raeann Risko

Class of 2022 | Pottstown, PA

“I wanted to be part of STAT to engage with our community more. I wanted to work with the school and students to create great experiences together!”

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Aaliyah Russell ’24

Aaliyah Russell

Class of 2024

“I volunteered for STAT because I love giving back and connecting with new people”

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Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

Class of 2025 | Whitehall, PA

“My favorite Ursinus memory so far is experiencing the school spirit and excitement in the sports on campus.”

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Hannah Traub ’22

Hannah Traub

Class of 2022 | Hatboro, PA

” I volunteered for STAT to help continue the engagement of the Ursinus community and alumni.”

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