Alumni of Ursinus

A monthly self-portrait series, showcasing significant moments in the lives of our alumni and how Ursinus helped shape their lives! 

  • Ben Antill ’22 Ben Antill '22

    “My time at Ursinus as a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major with minors in Economics, Neuroscience, and German provided me the space to take a highly interdisciplinary course in undergraduate education. Along with my studies, being deeply involved leading organizations such as STAT and Phi Kappa Sigma, completing an honors research project, and serving as a senior resident advisor broadened my skills and perspectives and allowed me to build and lean on my community and network to continue to grow. After graduating in 2022, I began medical school at University of South Florida’s SELECT program; which adds a focus of leadership, health systems and collaborative training on top of medical education. My experience of community building, interdisciplinary thinking, and networking has allowed me to transition to this exciting and challenging chapter of my life. Because I got to experience a tight-knit and deeply enriching environment, I have been able to take advantage of many opportunities medical school has had to offer and will continue to do so throughout the rest of my training.” - Ben Antill ’22

  • Kate Foley ’23 Kate Foley '23

    “One reason why I chose to go to Ursinus was the school’s commitment to hands-on learning and preparation for the “real world.” I am IMMENSELY grateful for the connections I made with faculty in the Theater and English departments; their mentorship opened doors for opportunities I could only dream of before (such as a world premiere of my original play!). Not even a year after graduation, I am applying to MFA programs, pursuing a book deal with my literary agent, and am excitedly awaiting opening night of CAPTAIN DARLING this April at Ursinus College.” Kate Foley ’23

  • Simba

    Simbarashe Kanjanda ’22

    “During my time at Ursinus, I was a member of the Men’s Soccer and Tennis Teams, a resident advisor, a chapel leader, involved in Independent Research and on a pre-medical track at the same time. I was also involved in several groups such as STAT, BAPS, MAPS and the Melrose fellows.

    I found my involvement in these many activities instrumental in building my knowledge and character not only as a student, but as a member of the greater society. The culture at Ursinus encourages students to get involved in different disciplines and strives to nurture their knowledge, skills and talents in a holistic manner. I found the school environment to be conducive with student success and particularly effective in equipping individuals with the necessary tools to navigate and prosper in the world.

    My advice to students and recent alumni is to be open minded and learn as much as you can - this holistic approach to education and character development allows you to be malleable and thrive in any environment.” - Simbarashe Kanjanda ’22

  • Lauren Lauren Feldman ’19

    “As a Resident Advisor (RA), a sister of Kappa Delta Kappa (KDK), and a musician in choirs and ensembles, I had multiple affirming and welcoming spaces at Ursinus that helped me to explore my identities and who I am. Serving as an RA additionally introduced me to my passion of supporting this growth and development for college students.

    After I graduated from Ursinus, I joined the Student Affairs field to continue this work, first as a Residence Hall Director, now as an Assistant Director for Gender Equity and Sexuality.

    In my work, I now emulate the empathy and care that I experienced from my Ursinus friends, faculty, and advisors to help create a sense of belonging for all of my students.” - Lauren Feldman ’19