*Virtual* Tea Talks with Dr. Michelle Beadle Holder ’03

Join us for a delightful evening on Zoom for Tea Talks with Dr. Michelle Beadle Holder ’03 and lifelong learning breakout sessions led by faculty, staff, and alumni!

Date: March 14
Time: 7:30 p.m. Eastern
Location: Virtual Event | Zoom links will be available after registration.
Cost: Complimentary

Dr. Beadle Holder ’03 will guide us through the art and history of making Caribbean sorrel hibiscus tea and she will be sharing her special recipe for Caribbean Sangria (can be made with or without alcohol). Following the demonstration and discussion, we invite you to stay on and connect with fellow alumni, faculty, and staff in lifelong learning breakout rooms (descriptions below).

Eager to join the tea-making experience?! You can purchase the sorrel hibiscus loose leaf tea packet from her website. Ensure you have your tea packet before the event and order by Monday, March 4. Enjoy this flavorful beverage hot or cold!

Lifelong Learning Breakout Room Descriptions

(you will choose your own breakout room during the event)

Breakout Room 1: Brewing Financial Freedom and Your Dream Retirement

Facilitated by: George Psaradakis ’21, associate financial advisor and paraplanner, Vincent Hirsch Financial Services

Join George Psaradakis ’21, financial adviser and host to the Grizzly Guide to Wealth podcast for an interactive breakout room where he will share how to navigate both your current financial situation and plan for your next chapter in retirement! Whether you’re just starting out in your financial planning journey or seeking to optimize your existing strategy, this breakout room will provide you with the clarity you need on cash flow management, healthy spending habits, and retirement readiness. You will leave this breakout room with the confidence you need to help you build a solid financial foundation to set you on a path to financial freedom!

Breakout Room 2: Handling the Heat: How to Keep from Boiling Over During Polarizing Conversations

Facilitated by: Ashley Henderson, director, institute for inclusion and equity, Ursinus College and Mark Hickey ’14, PhD candidate, curriculum studies, Oklahoma State University

Have you ever found yourself steeped in a conversation that turned bitter? In this breakout room you will learn how to “handle the heat” in polarizing conversations without “boiling over” or losing your cool. Ashley and Mark will give you a sneak peak into the on-campus lunch series Conversations Across and About Difference by reviewing the community guidelines for engagement and sharing some of the questions that have engaged the campus community in conversation about identity, inclusion, and belonging. You will walk away with the tools and strategies to navigate difficult conversations and continue to learn how to have discussions across and about differences.

Breakout Room 3: Sipping on Self-Care: Wellness Wisdom for Stress Management

Facilitated by: Katie Bean, director of health promotion, Ursinus College

In this breakout room, Ursinus’s director of health promotion, Katie Bean will immerse participants in a tea-rrific health and wellness conversation. You will get a taste of her bi-weekly “Breathe, Stretch, Meditate” class where you will learn how to focus your energy and attention inward during your busy days right from your desk! Join this breakout room to discover powerful, actionable tools for managing daily stress, fostering mindfulness, and promoting overall well-being in your life.

Breakout Room 4: A Cup of AI Possibilities: Understanding Artificial Intelligence and Harnessing its Power to Augment Your Life

Facilitated by: Bill Mongan, associate professor of mathematics, computer science and statistics, Ursinus College; Dr. Matthew Stehman ’10, principal machine learning engineer, Comcast; Kevin Hoffman ’23, AI engineer, TDI Novus, Inc.

In this breakout room we will explore how we got from data analytics, to machine learning, to artificial intelligence as well as the current dangers and regulations currently being introduced. With the help of our three AI experts, we will also create custom AI agent prototypes and discuss how to implement them to optimize your life in areas such as stock market analysis, personalized educational tools, virtual advisors, and more!

In true Ursinus fashion, we will of course be discussing the implications of human-machine collaboration and how that affects our answers to the QUEST questions, “What should matter to me?”, “How should we live together?”, “How can we understand the world?”, and “what will I do?”. Join this breakout room to augment your knowledge of AI and your life—plus, get all of your burning AI questions answered by three experts in the field!

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Note: If you are interested in purchasing Dr. Michelle Beadle Holder ’03’s sorrel hibiscus loose leaf tea packet from her website, order by Monday, March 4 to ensure you have your tea prior to the event.