General Intramural Rules

These general rules are valid for all intramural sports in addition to the rules for each individual sport. These rules are subject to change at the discretion of the intramural staff. All concerns about any rules can be addressed to the Director of Intramurals or to the League Coordinator.

Intramural Eligibility

  • All students, faculty, and staff of the college are eligible to play intramural sports.
  • For teams making the playoffs: all players playing in the playoffs must have played at least one regular season game for your team!!
  • Students who are on intercollegiate athletic teams may NOT compete in that particular sport or one like it. The active squad rosters on the date of the first varsity contest will be used to determine intramural eligibility. Any former Varsity letter winner must wait one year before being eligible to compete in the sport in which the letter was awarded.
  • It is the responsibility of the team captain to ensure that all players on the team meet these eligibility requirements and understand both the general rules and the specific sport rules.
  • Any protests of eligibility must be made to the League Coordinator no later than 24 hours after the game in question.

Division of Play

There are three divisions of play although all may not be offered in every sport. The divisions are: men’s, women’s, and coed. The divisions available for each sport will be announced during sign-ups.

One Team Rule

  • An individual may play for only ONE team within each sport.
  • An individual may only play in one division.
  • Playing one game for a team declares your team. There will be no mid-season team switching.
  • All roster changes (either additions or deletions) must be made by the end of the first week of play. Only eligible players may be added to a team.

Team Sign-ups

Each sport has its own entry period although sports offered at the same time may have the same entry period. Entry periods will be announced through email, fliers around campus, and on the website. Entry forms are available when registration is open at  All entries must be received by 8 PM on the last day of the entry period. Waivers for all particpants will be completed PRIOR to the first game.

Team Captains Meeting

There will be a mandatory team captains meeting that must be attended by the captain or another representative of the team. The schedules and rules will be handed out at this meeting. If no representative attends the meeting, the team will be removed from the tournament.


  • Game time is game time!!! If you do not have enough players to play at the scheduled start time, your team will have 5 minutes. If after that 5 minutes, you do still do not have enough players the game will be defaulted. If both teams do not have enough players, the game will be a default for both teams.
  • A forfeit will be awarded if a team does not show up for their scheduled game.
  • Once a team has accumulated two forfeits, that team will be eliminated from the tournament.
  • Two defaults are equal to one forfeit. However, after two defaults are accumulated, the third infraction, either a default or forfeit, will result in the team being eliminated from the tournament.
  • EXCEPTION: If the season is less than 5 games per team one forfeit or one default and the team is out of the tournament.


All schedules are made using the information that the teams provide on their entry forms. If a situation occurs that there is a problem with the schedule, the team must inform the League Coordinator as soon as the schedules are received. For a game to be switched, four teams must agree to the change. This is to ensure that there are officials for both games and that all teams play an equal number of games. If there are any questions on this matter, please contact the League Coordinator.


The intramural staff makes decisions about rainouts. Team captains and a second contact will be notified as soon as the decision to cancel the game is made. Games that are cancelled due to rain will be rescheduled if time permits.


The champions of each division of each sport are awarded intramural champion shirts. Shirts will only be awarded to members of the team who are on the team’s roster and who played in games during the playoffs.