Kukuli Velarde (Peruvian, American, b. 1962), La Linda, 2021. Low-fire clay, underglaze, white go...
January 18 to April 7

Kukuli Velarde

Free, Total, Faithful, and Fruitful

Kukuli Velarde draws from indigenous Peruvian and European Catholic iconographies to engage with the lasting personal and cultural impacts of colonization. In this exhibition, her works investigate faith, female identities, and womanhood.


Kara Walker, Resurrection Story Without Patrons, 2017. Etching with aquatint, sugar-lift, spit-bi... 
January 22 | 5:30pm

MLK Week: Artwork Close-Looking Exercise

Participate in a roundtable discussion centered around Resurrection Story Without Patrons by Kara Walker from the Berman Museum’s permanent collection.
Example of Adriane Colburn’s steam-bending technique from the series WOODWORK. Courtesy of the ... 
January 27 | 10:30am

Steam-bending Demo

with artist-in-residence Adriane Colburn