Berman National Advisory Council

The Berman National Advisory Council (BNAC) is a formal committee composed of individuals with interests in academia and art, including museum professionals, supporters, Ursinus alumni, corporate leaders, and Ursinus faculty. Its mission is to support the Berman staff in its goals and to help raise the profile of the Berman, on the Ursinus campus, in the Philadelphia region, and across the U.S.

Patricia R. Cosgrave, Chairperson

Aubrey Basla

Deborah Barkun

Nancy Berman

Meghan Brodie

Julie Choma

Rhoda Hershman

Selma Holo

Catherine Kernen

Jill Marsteller

Joan Momjian

Kathleen O’Dea

Harry Philbrick

Nathan Rein

Pat Rodenbaugh

Charles A. Stainback

Kemp C. Stickney

Lee Stoetzel