Lynn Chadwick (1914-2003)

Sculptor Lynn Chadwick, who was known for his semi-abstract sculptures, crafted over 150 bronze works for Ursinus’ Phil Berman in 1987 in a collection comprised mostly of people and animals. These pieces, which range from small maquettes to the large-scale sculptures that can be seen across campus, make up the largest Chadwick collection in North America.

George Anthonisen

Known worldwide for his sculptures and frescoes, George R. Anthonisen’s works “combine our ancient roots with our recent past, giving validity to the present.” He states as an inspiration for his work, that “beauty exists in both the heavy and the light – they are in agreement and complement each other.” Anthonisen, who has been a close friend to the Berman since its early days, has bequeathed many of his works to the museum.

Francoise Gilot

Although Parisian Francoise Gilot is known by many for her decade-long relationship with Pablo Picasso, she is a renowned painter and best-selling author. Since the Berman Museum’s inception, “the work of Francoise Gilot has been an integral part of the permanent collection,” said founding director Lisa Tremper Hanover. Francoise Gilot, who is into her ninth decade and still painting, is a close friend of Philip and Muriel Berman, holds an honorary degree from Ursinus College, and has bequested a large collection to the museum.

Albert Jean Adolphe (1865-1940)

Painter Albert J. Adolphe, son of a German shoemaker and American mother, was expected to pursue a career in medicine before it was realized that his true passion lay in art. The Philadelphia native had a prolific career creating images of portraits and landscapes that were familiar to Pennsylvania at the time, as well as images from his time spent in France.