In an effort to make the Museum’s permanent collection accessible to the community, the Campus Loan Program provides Ursinus College faculty and staff the opportunity to display artwork from the permanent collection in campus offices and lobbies.

Who can borrow artwork?
Artwork from the Berman’s permanent collection is available for loan to Ursinus College faculty and staff.

What type of artwork is available for display?
Available campus loan artwork is limited to works deemed appropriate and in stable condition by the Museum. Artwork selections vary throughout the year and typically include a variety of prints and paintings. Individual borrowers may not loan more than two objects per annual campus loan period. Ursinus College departments may not loan more than four objects per annual campus loan period. Each department must have a current staff member listed as a contact and signee representative.

How long can I borrow artwork?
Campus loan periods are a minimum of one year. Museum staff maintain the right to remove artwork from display based off exhibition/loan need or the condition/safety of the object at any time.

Where can artwork be displayed?
Artwork may be displayed in offices, shared workspaces and reception areas across the Ursinus College campus. Objects may not be displayed in dormitory rooms or residential buildings. Artwork cannot be placed near heating/cooling units, sinks, exposed piping or in direct sunlight. The Museum’s Exhibitions Technician will consult with the borrow to determine if a display space is suitable for artwork.

What are the terms for borrowing artwork?
The artwork included in the Campus Loan Program is part of the Museum’s permanent collection and therefore its preservation is an ongoing concern to (and the ongoing responsibility of) the Museum and its staff.  The Museum’s Exhibitions Technician will approve all selected artwork and their installation locations within offices and/or reception areas. Only Museum staff or authorized Facilities Services personnel are authorized to install, de-install or move artwork. The borrower will be required to complete a Campus Loan Agreement upon delivery of the loaned artwork. A full list of terms and conditions for participation in the Campus Loan Program is available by contacting the Museum’s Exhibitions Technician.

How do I borrow artwork?
First, look at the available wall space in your office area and decide on which walls you would like to see artwork displayed. Then contact the Museum’s Exhibitions Technician to schedule an appointment to select artwork from the Campus Loan Program selection. Remember to bring your office room number (location) and phone extension to your campus loan selection appointment. Once artwork is selected, the Exhibitions Technician will approve the display location and schedule artwork delivery and installation. Upon delivery, a Campus Loan Agreement will be issued to the borrow.

Learn More
To schedule a selection appointment, view borrowing terms and learn more about the Campus Loan Program, please contact:

Julie Choma