Dina Wind

Israeli, 1938-2014

Sundial, 1990

Stainless steel

Gift of John Wind and Jerry Wind


Dina Wind’s Sundial was gifted to the Berman Museum by the artist’s husband and son following Wind’s solo exhibition Stainless in the winter of 2018. Stainless was the first exhibition to include only Wind’s stainless-steel sculptures. Stainless-steel is unique: the material will only weld to itself, it resists corrosion, and is not likely to erode with time.

Sundial is an abstracted assemblage of scrap metal, steel mesh, and bent rods. This sculpture is a pristine example of Wind’s preferred method of artmaking: taking disparate elements and bringing them together in a sculptural collage. The title “Sundial” is probably taken from the gauge placed at the midpoint of the sculpture. However, the title also references the sweeping shadows on the gallery wall that result from light cast against the body of the artwork. The polished steel, with its dimples and oscillating textures, adopts a sense of aliveness.

Wind’s stainless-steel sculptures flow together perhaps more intuitively than her other three-dimensional works, which are crafted from junkyard ephemera: slashed tires, twisted fenders, rusty tools, and broken household objects. These objects, which compose Sundial, have a sense of belonging to one another in an unfamiliar union. Like a family, every appendage, when combined, is both cohesive and starkly individualistic.

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