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The Berman for the Classroom

Classroom Spaces

The Berman Museum has two spaces faculty can request for classroom use: Classroom 016 and Works on Paper Study Room. Classroom 016 is perfect for film screenings, as it has a large screen and can accommodate up to 40 people. The classroom is also available for larger classes working with pulled pieces from the collection. The Works on Paper Study Room is a good fit for seminars of up to 12 people. It has a large table for discussion and breakaway areas for partner work.

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Accessing the Collection

The Berman Museum has over eight thousand pieces in its permanent collection. Classes can come to view these pieces to expand their understanding of a time period, movement, region, or more. Contact Catherine Sirizzotti, Collections Manager, to pull the art that best suits your subject material.

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Class Tours

Faculty at Ursinus and other local colleges can request self-led or guided tours of the museum for classes with the adjacent form. Visiting the exhibitions in person stimulates students’ interdisciplinary connections between class material, art, and ways the visual medium contributes to a conversation.

The Berman for Research

Presentations on Current Research

Classroom 016 at the Berman functions as a presentation space where faculty can meet to practice for conferences or share their current work with colleagues.

Accessing Art for Scholarship

Faculty members are welcome to access the collection for their scholarship. Catherine Sirizzotti, Collections Manager, will schedule an appointment with you and pull which pieces best fit the area of study.

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The Berman for Events


Keep an eye out on the Berman events page for speakers coming to the museum to dig into the intellectual work behind each new exhibition.


The Berman Amphitheater is available for outdoor performances as weather allows. Faculty advisors are encouraged to consider the space for student plays, music, and readings.

Students and members of the community are on the Berman lawn watching a play in the Berman Amphit...