Essential Work

Essential Work brings together a diverse group of international artists to examine questions of labor and value. Together, they posit artwork as essential to our society as it seeks new ways to connect, communicate, and understand our world.


Lydia Ricci

Some Things Last a Long Time

Lydia Ricci’s constructions and animated vignettes playfully glorify life in the interstices, transforming the mundane into tributes to the rich messiness of daily rituals.


José Ortiz-Pagán


Inspired by evictions in Puerto Rico and a Pennsylvania-German “hex” from the Berman’s permanent collection, Ortiz-Pagán explores the human experience of home, loss, and solidarity.


Michael Dela Dika

Shaping Rhapsody

Combining ceramic and reclaimed metal, Dika’s sculpture reveals harmony in chaos by striking a balance between strength and fragility.