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Boldly & Purposefully Open.

When we say our students can choose their own paths, question norms, take risks, and experiment, we mean it in a very specific way. Here, education centers on exploration with intention. Ursinus lays out purposeful, well-planned pathways for students to be supported through a journey of self-understanding and intellectual growth by exploring, questioning, and learning without inhibition.

90% Med School Acceptance

For those that meet the average GPA and MCAT for med school. Ursinus faculty support all candidates during application process.

100% Law School Acceptance

For students who participate in the pre-law program.

Top 6% for ROI

Ursinus is ranked in the top 6% of all colleges and universities for return on investment.

13 Specialty Scholarships

Ursinus offers 13 unique, special interest scholarships for first-year applicants.
  • <section class="large-cta" style="background-image: url('/live/image/gid/204/width/1440/height/730/46565_hive_copy.rev.1701972087.jpg')"><div class="large-cta__overlay"><h3 class="large-cta__headline">A Commitment to Health & Wellness</h3><div class="large-cta__caption"><p> Ursinus is the first liberal arts college to sign Okanagan Charter, a promise to foster more holistic well-being in the campus community.</p><p><a class="btn-link" href="/live/news/7448-protecting-our-planet-a-commitment-to-global" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Learn more</a></p></div></div></section>
  • <section class="large-cta" style="background-image: url('/live/image/gid/204/width/1440/height/730/46582_IDC2.rev.1701973498.jpg')"><div class="large-cta__overlay"><h3 class="large-cta__headline">1 of 44 Colleges that Change Lives</h3><div class="large-cta__caption"><p> Ursinus College is among the 44 <em>Colleges that Change Lives,</em> as cited in an acclaimed book for the ability to help students succeed.</p><p><a class="btn-link" href="https://www.ursinus.edu/about/rankings-and-recognition/ursinus-is-among-the-colleges-that-change-lives/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Learn More</a></p></div></div></section>

Ursinus is a place where students step off of the path of their predetermined futures in favor of something new. Where first-generation students write their own legacies. Where a tight-knit community strives toward one common goal: to leave our campus, our region, and our world better than we find it today.

Boldly & Purposefully Open News

Inside Higher Ed: Defining Liberal Education—and How to Advertise It

Inside Higher Ed article, June 2023
Faculty members and other supporters of the liberal arts gathered at Ursinus College  to debate what liberal education is and how best to attract students to it.

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Boldly & Purposefully Open News

Wall Street Journal: Great Books Can Heal Our Divided Campuses

Andrew Delbanco, Columbia University professor and president of the Teagle Foundation, cites Ursinus’s Common Intellectual experience in a Wall Street Journal column about programs where students from different backgrounds can engage in meaningful discussion
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Boldly & Purposefully Open News

Philadelphia Inquirer: Inside the fight to save American college from runaway careerism

In this June 2023 column in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Will Bunch covers Ursinus’s Revolutions in Liberal Education colloquium, where higher education’s leading innovators gathered to discuss the promise of a liberal arts education.
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