Honors Projects

These students have been working hard all year on their honors projects, with the help of their faculty advisers. Check out each of their profiles to learn more about their work.
  • Benjamin Antill 

    Benjamin Paul Antill 

    Plasmid-borne Antibiotic Resistance Mechanisms in Ciprofloxacin-resistant Transconjugant Escherichia coli.
  • Victoria Bearden 

    Victoria Bearden 

    Urban Forests and Their Potential to Combat Food Insecurity: Analyzing Street Trees in Baltimore, MD for their Edibility

    Sarah Jane Buck 

    Pigeonholed: Autistic Representation in Drama
  • Cassandra Burke 

    Cassandra Jayne Burke 

    Fluorescently Visualizing the Interaction Between Ciprofloxacin and PEG Modified Carbon Nanotube Inside of an Escherichia Coli Cell

    Arthur Kendall Faunce Burns 

    Classical Conditioning of Cognitive States
  • Kristen Cooney 

    Kristen Cooney 

    Urban Forests and Their Potential to Combat Food Insecurity: Analyzing the Potential of Edible Street Trees in New York City

    Quaran Davis 

    Genetic Interactions between MPF and PAM-1
  • Kevyn Dewees 

    Kevyn Dewees 

    Dopaminergic Axon Development in Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
  • Kelsey Gavin profile 

    Kelsey Gavin 

    There is Sometimes a Buggy
  • Joshua Grahame 

    Joshua Grahame 

    Feed-in Tariffs and Sustainable Energy: Why Different OECD Governments Support Sustainable Energy at Different Rates Through Feed-in Tariffs
  • Alana Huynh 

    Alana Vy Huynh 

    DNA Cleavage Activity of de novo designed Due Ferri single chain (DFsc) proteins
  • Alana Huynh 

    Alana Vy Huynh 

    Die Funktion von der Natur in ein paar berühmten Märchen von den Brüdern Grimm und in einigen Werken von Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • Simba honors profile 

    Simbarashe Kanjanda 

    Investigating Protein Interactions Important for Synapse Formation in the Developing Brain
  • Sophie Lear 

    Sophie Lear 

    Investigating the interaction between PAM-1 and WEE-1.3 during meiosis in C. elegans
  • Abby Peabody 

    Abby Peabody 

    Candidate Emergence Among Women; The Responsibility to Run
  • Elisa Rodriguez 

    Elisa Victoria Rodriguez 

    Gabriel(le) and Marcel(le): Gender Fluidity in George Sand’s Gabriel (1839) and Rachilde’s Madame Adonis (1888)
  • Emelyn Rodriguez 

    Emelyn Rodriguez 

    What Role Can Women in Politics Play in Preventing Democratic Erosion?
  • Ken Sprankle Profile 

    Kenyon Wayman Sprankle 

    Age and Sex Differences of Ketogenic Diet in C57BL/6-NCrl Mice
  • Annielle Stockmal 

    Annielle Lee Stockmal 

    Bi the Way, Don’t Pan-ic: An Interview-Based Study of the Coming Out Experience of College-Aged Bisexuals and Pansexuals
  • Sarah Thompson 

    Sarah Marie Thompson 

    Miracles Happen: An Exploration of Girlhood and Celebrity
  • Shield placeholder 

    Amanda Teresa Weber 

    Press Any Button to Get Started: Approaching Japanese Culture and Society Through Video Games
  • Jesse Wun 

    Jesse Wun 

    Synthesis and Stabilization of Oligonucleotide-Stabilized Lipid Micelles: Optimization of Lipid Functional Group
  • Zenya Yanoff 

    Zenya Yanoff 

    The Effect of DNA Sequence on Oligonucleotide-Stabilized Lipid Micelles