Honors Projects

These students have been working hard all year on their honors projects, with the help of their faculty advisers. Check out each of their profiles to learn more about their work.
  • Kiley Addis 

    Kiley Addis 

    To Whom Consent May Concern: Understanding Consent Legally, Institutionally, and Culturally
  • Thomas Armstrong 

    Thomas Armstrong 

    The Yellow Belly Anthology: Micro-Films about Humans at their Least Impressive
  • Samantha Beck 

    Samantha Beck 

    Differences in Glucose Uptake by [psi-] and [PSI+] Cells of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Garrett Bullock 

    Garrett Bullock 

    Distinguished Honors - The Belt and Road Initiative: China’s Rise, America’s Balance, and Latin America’s Struggle
  • Kailyn Cohen 

    Kailyn Cohen 

    Redox Properties of the de Novo Designed Due Ferri Single-Chain (G4DFsc) Model Protein
  • Catherine Curran 

    Catherine Curran 

    Communal Reciprocity in the Andes: An Ethnohistorical Approach to the Relationship Between Ayni and Food Production
  • Nicole Dalasio 

    Nicole Dalasio 

    Decision-making, Beliefs, and Personality: Actively Open Minds Versus Cognitive Misers
  • Caprice Eisele 

    Caprice Eisele 

    Does Using wee-1.3 As a Secondary Suppressor Restore Wildtype Timing of Meiosis and Oocyte Maturation in pam-1 C. elegans Mutants?
  • Erin Fowler 

    Erin Fowler 

    GFAP Expression of Radial Glial Cells of the Regenerating Spinal Cord of Axolotls
  • Amanda Galczyk 

    Amanda Galczyk 

    The Meritocratic Fallacy of Higher Education in America
  • Noah Garber 

    Noah Garber 

    Piety and Mayhem: How Extremist Groups Misuse Religious Doctrine to Condone Violence and Achieve Political Goals
  • Kayla Hofmann 

    Kayla Hofmann 

    The Case of Kashmir: Ethnic Mobilization and Insurgency
  • Broderick Johnson 

    Broderick Johnson 

    Toward the Development of a Carbon Nanotube Drug Delivery System for Clarithromycin
  • Ursinus shield

    Matthew Kenwood 

    Evolution of Pollution Resistance of Fundulus heteroclitus
  • Sophia King 

    Sophia King 

    Limited Healthcare Access for Children from Latinx Immigrant Families in the Greater Philadelphia Area
  • Shannon Kiss 

    Shannon Kiss 

    Working Memory and Attention Deficits During a Letter Number Sequencing Task Post-Concussion
  • Connor Loomis 

    Connor Loomis 

    Distinguished Honors - Characterizing the Interaction of MAGUK Scaffold Protein PSD-95 with Synaptic Adhesion Protein Slitrk2
  • Jacob Menzer 

    Jacob Menzer 

    Effects of High Fat Diet on Cardiac Function
  • Madison Moses 

    Madison Moses 

    Distinguished Honors - Applying N to the Field: Cultivating Resilience through a historical and social contextualization of an agroecological soil nitrogen study
  • Daniel Powell 

    Daniel Powell 

    Currency Internationalization: The Case of the RMB
  • Oniel Salik 

    Oniel Salik 

    Measuring Ex Vivo Muscle Contraction Forces in Mus musculus
  • Rebecca Schubach 

    Rebecca Schubach 

    Shattering Glass Ceilings: Where Are All the Women in Finance?
  • Evan Scott 

    Evan Scott 

    Examining Permeability and Contractility of Skeletal Muscle in Castrated Male Mice
  • Ursinus shield

    Emily Shiplett 

    La Maladie féminine: Genre, hérédité et milieu dans trois romans d’Emile Zola (The Female Malady: Gender, Heredity and Milieu in Three Novels by Émile Zola)
  • Avery Sicher 

    Avery Sicher 

    Prenatal alcohol exposure alters the number but not distribution of corridor cells at E13.5
  • Sabrina Tusavitz 

    Sabrina Tusavitz 

    The Comparison of Endothelial Permeability at 48 Hours Post Skeletal Muscle Injury in Male and Female Mice at Various Ages
  • Rick Wike ’20 works on prion research in Dale Cameron’s lab. 

    Richard Wike 

    Investigating the Cellular Control and Biological Consequences of Prion Formation in Yeast
  • Robert Wilf 

    Robert Wilf 

    The Transition of Guanyin: Reinterpreting Queerness and Buddha Nature in Medieval East Asia
  • Parker Wolf 

    Parker Wolf 

    Stock Market Drivers: Corporate Share Repurchases
  • Hannah Wolfram 

    Hannah Wolfram 

    Is Tuition Free College the Golden Ticket? A Time Series Analysis of Germany’s Higher Education Policy, 1990-2017