Honors Projects

These students have been working hard all year on their honors projects, with the help of their faculty advisers. Check out each of their profiles to learn more about their work.
  • Nareen Babaian with horseshoe crab on sea cruise 

    Nareen Babaian 

    Investigating Interactions Between PAM-1 and the Maturation Promoting Factor in Cell Cycle Regulation in Caenorhabditis elegans
  • Ursinus shield

    Mary Margaret Baldy 

    COVID-19: The Impact of a Nation’s Political Economic Structure on its Labor Market Spending Policies
  • Dominique Ballinger 

    Dominique Ballinger 

    Meta-Analysis of the Long Term executive Functioning deficits in Individuals With Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • belville 

    Andrew Belville 

    Characterizing lz6, a Suppressor of the pam-1 Mutation in C. elegans
  • Michael Bonfiglio 

    Michael Bonfiglio 

    Movement of Neurotransmitter Ions Through Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWNTs)
  • Hailey DiCicco 

    Hailey DiCicco 

    Sunk or Dunk?: An Empirical Analysis of the Effect of Sunk Cost Fallacy in Professional Basketball
  • Ursinus shield

    Neve Durrwachter 

    Neuroliberalism and Beyond
  • Matthew Furgele 

    Matthew Furgele 

    Historiography of the Crusades in Timelines: Big Data, Textual Analysis, and Data Visualization
  • Myla Haan 

    Myla Haan 

    Tools for Change: Theatre for Social Justice in Communities of Marginalized Youth
  • Ursinus shield

    Alicia Handian 

    Simulations of N-Body Ryberg Atom Interactions
  • Lola Holcomb 

    Lola Holcomb 

    Differences in Endurance Exercise Capacity and Metabolic Gene Expression in Male and Female Mice
  • Sarah Johns 

    Sarah Johns 

    The Political, the Personal, and the Personified: 18th Century British Political Caricature Art and the Formation of the British Empire’s Identity
  • Ursinus shield

    Ian Johnson 

    Estimating White-Tailed Deer Abundance in Urban Freshwater Tidal Marsh Habitat
  • Jacob Kang ’21, International Relations and French double major 

    Jacob Kang 

    Asylum Policy in France: A Case Study of Governing Party Incentives & Seine Saint-Denis : Une étude de cas sur l’impact des partis au pouvoir sur la politique d’asile
  • Matthew Kenwood (’21) 

    Matthew Kenwood 

    Subspecies and Sequence of Exon 10 of the AHR Locus in Three Mid-Atlantic Populations of Fundulus heteroclitus
  • Shayna Kushner 

    Shayna Kushner 

    The Phenomenon of Sexual Violence During Armed Conflicts in the Twenty-First Century: Entering the Era of Survivors as Agents of Peace
  • Shira Levin 

    Shira Levin 

    Phenotypic Observations of Cytoskeletal Genes in C. elegans Compared to pam-1 Mutants
  • Ursinus shield

    Gillianne Lux 

    Cool Japan and the Hallyu Wave: The Effect of Popular Culture Exports on National Image and Soft Power
  • Hannah Merges 

    Hannah Merges 

    The Combined Effects of Thermal and Salinity Stress on the Species of Coral, Astrangia poculata
  • Autumn Murphy 

    Autumn Murphy 

    Cultural Empowerment in the Classroom: What Role Does Private Culture Have in Public Education?
  • Jess Nebel-Crosson 

    Jessica Nebel-Crosson 

    Single-Neutron States in 51Ti via Neutron Transfer Reaction to 50Ti
  • Caitlin O’Neill 

    Caitlin O’Neill 

    The Effect of Exercise Training on Glucose Homeostasis and Insulin Signaling in Type 1 Diabetic Female Mice
  • Joseph Pantel 

    Joseph Pantel 

    Measurement of Hydrolytic Activity of DFsc Proteins Using 4-Methylumbelliferyl Phosphate and Bis(4-nitrophenyl) Phosphate
  • Thea Pastras 

    Thea Pastras 

    The Curriculum of Change: Aims and Methods of a Social Justice Education
  • George Psaradakis 

    George Psaradakis 

    Do Students Buy Attention-Grabbing Stocks? A Field Experiment
  • Nicole Schmalbach 

    Nicole Schmalbach 

    Tuning the photo-sensitive intramolecular electron transfers in rhenium (I) coordination compounds
  • Matt Schmitz 

    Matthew Schmitz 

    Intellectual Access and Spirituality: The Twin Urgencies of Responsible American Education
  • Zoe Tesone 

    Zoe Tesone 

    The PAM-1 Aminopeptidase Interacts With Cytoskeletal Regulators in Controlling Cortical Dynamics in the One-Cell C. elegans Embryo
  • Christina Wentz 

    Christina Wentz 

    Development of a Single-walled Nanotube Drug Delivery System for Clarithromycin
  • Carver Wolfe 

    Carver Wolfe 

    Victimes ou Criminelles: A Historical and Comparative Analysis of Sex Work Policy in France