The Beloved Community

Dr. King spoke incessantly about his end goal—the creation of the beloved community.

What exactly is the beloved community and Can we hope to achieve it? While progress toward this goal is always ongoing, Dr. King believed we can indeed achieve this when we work together to create an inclusive human family. King often spoke about the solidarity of the human family and how our personal growth—both our intellectual and moral growth— is the product of the depth of our relationships with others. The more inclusive we are, the more we all grow from the perspectives of others. Our exposure to the struggles that our fellow community members are experiencing heightens our sensitivity to injustice, and King believed injustice is a cancer that inevitably affects us all, corroding our body politic. He envisioned a beloved community of “total interrelatedness,” in which persons consider their well-being to be dependent upon the well-being of their fellow human beings. It is a community inclusive of all nations, religions, races, and social classes; no one is an outsider and all of us are its members.  

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