Adding and Managing Pages

Pages is a tab in the Dashboard. This is where all of your Page creation and management occurs. 

How to Add a Page

To create a new page, an administrator must first assign page and directory creation permissions to you. Most often, new pages are created by the Digital Content Manager, Erin Hovey, so feel free to email her directly with the request.

Create a new page in the Dashboard

  1. From the Dashboard, click the Pages tab.
  2. Click Add a top-level page or link or Add sub-link below an existing page.
  3. Click create a new page.
  4. Fill out the form to create a new page.
    • Provide a page title. This is required.
    • Creating new web pages in LiveWhale requires the existence of templates to use as the basis for new page. Under Choose a template, select the template you wish to use for your new page. (see below). New Ursinus website templates will begin with “2019” (examples: 2019 Academics Inner Page Template or 2019 Office Inner Page Template)
    • Type in SEO description and a few SEO keywords. This will be added as a meta tag to the web page for improved indexing in search engines, inclusing the Ursinus Search box.
  5. Click Create this page. The new page will be added to your list of Pages.
  6. You can HIDE or SHOW the page from the menu (a.k.a. navigation). The Show/Hide option is located to the right of the Page name and can be toggled to determine if you want the page on the menu OR simply as a page linked in text or bullets from another page, etc.

    The Page title becomes faded if it is hidden from menu. Dark blue page title text indicates that the page is on your group’s menu. NOTE: if a page is hidden from the menu that DOES NOT mean it is hidden from beaing searched or found on the Ursinus site. See how to deep hide a page

Different Template Options