How to add, edit and show Ursinus faculty, staff, students and alumni.

Editing your profile

  1. When you visit your profile page, you’ll see an “Edit my profile” link at the bottom.
  2. Click this link, and you’ll be prompted to log in before editing your profile.
  3. You can find a shortcut to edit your profile in the tool bar menu, at the top-right beneath your name: “Edit my Public Profile”. This menu only appears when you’re logged into LiveWhale.

Creating profiles

  1. Go to the Dashboard, click on the Profiles Tab.
  2. Select the type of profile you wish to make (Student, Alumni, Staff, Faculty, etc)
  3. Complete the information in which ever fields that you choose and include a Photo. (Click on + sign box next to name to upload a new photo or to select one from the Image Library)
  4. Switch from Hidden to Live when done
  5.  Note: If you leave a field empty if will not show us, so that is fine. The Description box is an option that allows for free text below the profile photo without a header. This is often used.
  6. NEW! The optional Quote field is for the red text that would sit below the name and title of the person, and adjacent to the photo. This could be used for any purpose such as: Fun Fact, Research Interest, Future job, or as it says…. your favorite quote!

Displaying Profile Widgets

You can show faculty, staff, alumni or students on your page by going to the red Insert text on toolbar and inserting widget to the page. 

Profile Slider

Photo of Dr. Holly Hubbs

Holly Hubbs

Department Chair and Professor

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Photo of Dr. Rosa Abrahams

Rosa Abrahams

Assistant Professor, Music Theory

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Photo of Rebecca Evans

Rebecca Evans

Associate Professor of Politics

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Photo of Michael Chaffin

Michael Chaffin

Adjunct Instructor - Music (Double Bass)

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Headshot of Scott Deacle

Scott Deacle

Associate Professor of Business and Economics and Department Chair

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Photo of Cindy Harris

Cindy K. Harris

Associate Professor of Business and Economics

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Houghton Kane

Houghton Kane

Associate Professor of Politics and Director of Leadership Studies

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Photo of Heather O’Neill

Heather Munro O’Neill

Professor of Business and Economics

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Photo of Bailey Anderson

Bailey Anderson

Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance

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Photo of Dr. Meghan Brodie

Meghan Brodie

Assistant Professor of Theater

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