These are instructions for editing the new Ursinus homepage. All dynamic content for the homepage is located in the Homepage group.

Hero Header

#1 Background and #2 Hero Text

This is a live Homepage Hero profile. The profile title is the white headline. The profile image is the background image 1440x800px. Always include an image in case there is a problem with the video! 

The hero video shows a Vimeo video, enter the Vimeo video ID in the profile. The video is optional but all profiles must have an image even if they have a video, as a fallback.

Note: if the Vimeo video has trouble loading, remove the Vimeo video ID from the live profile. The profile image will show on the homepage instead.

#3 Logo

This is a Homepage Hero Logo profile with a logo (130px wide) and logo link field. The top live profile will appear. This can set to “hidden” to hide logo entirely.


#4 CTA Profiles

This is a Homepage Featured Slider profile. The widget shows the top 4 profiles. The profile title is the title displayed up top (the 4 links up top). The image is optional (375x375px).

There is a field for headline (the big black headline) quote and quote attribution, and link.

Blocks, Set 1

#5 Quick Facts

This is a Homepage Quick Facts profile with large statistic/text field and small text field.
The “quick facts” heading is not currently changeable (hardcoded in saved widget format).

#6 Featured Profile and #7 Icon

This is a Homepage Callout Block profile. The profile title is the uppercase title at the top. Has headline field, link text and link url. Image is required (330x360px). Seal icon randomly shown from one of the existing seals.

#8 Good Morning, Ursinus

This widget shows two live starred events from the Homepage group, no tags needed.

Student Timeline

#11 Student Stories Year by Year

These will be starred stories tagged with student stories. These stories have custom fields for year and author title. Order stories in chronological order by story year using balloons.

Author images are set on a per-story basis. They are the second image uploaded to the story in the image thumbnail editor. In most cases, this will be the same image for each story, but you may decide to showcase other thumbnails for individual years.

Blocks, Set 2

#9 Featured Event

The next upcoming starred event (excluding those in Good Morning, Ursinus feature) in the Homepage group, must have an image. Shows an unstarred event if there are no starred events. (aim for at least 3 starred events in the homepage group).

#10 Featured Story

The next starred story in the Homepage group. Excludes stories tagged student stories.