Specialty Pages

This guide will outline the editing of special landing pages outside of the core templates and homepage.

Specialized Landing Page


#1 Content

This is an editable content area that can include text, links and images.

#8 Sub-navigation

This is populated by the pages in the group. If there are no sub-pages in the group, the content area stretches to fill the horizontal space and all items are centered.

#11 Background image

This is an image in the group tagged landing page (1440x770).

Video/Content and Related Content

#2 Video/Content Area

This area will accept a video, image or text content. Insert a video by using the video link instead of the embed code.

#3 Social Media Links

These handles are set at the group level in the group editor.

#4 Related Links

This related links area is an editable element to allow for flexibility of the link list. To style the links correctly, use the list button in the toolbar and make sure the links are inside a list.

Uniquely Ursinus

#5 Card Feature

These are stories in the group tagged cards. They can contain a details page or alternate link. 

The header can be changed from the default of Uniquely Ursinus by adding an inline argument for header to change or remove it. There is also a stacking version of this widget that stacks the cards and removes the arrows.

Image Grid

#9 Gallery

These are images in the group tagged with image 1, image 2, image 3, image 4, image 5 with image 5 being the largest image on the right. All images may show a caption on hover.

Slider and Featured Events

#6 Slider Profiles

This is a slider created from profiles of the type Large Slider. The profile title is the all-caps header, and the image is the profile image. The profile has custom fields for slide title, slide text and button URL, respectively.

#10 Featured Events

Two starred events in your group, must include images.


#7 Styled Pre-Footer Split Content

These are two optional editable areas. They accept text, images, widgets and links.