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Inclusion and Community Engagement

The Division of Inclusion and Community Engagement is dedicated to fostering connections – both on and off campus—that enrich the Ursinus experience for all faculty, staff, and students. 

Personal and Professional Development Opportunity “A Long Talk”

The Division of Inclusion and Community Engagement (DICE) is pleased to share this opportunity for the Ursinus community to take part in “A Long Talk”. A few faculty and staff took part in this experience in spring ’23, and we’re pleased to make it available again. This program enables participants to reflect on the history of racism in the U.S. and consider ways to interrupt these practices. 

Register for staff and faculty sessions scheduled for Wednesday, October 18, and Sunday, October 29.  Register for student sessions, scheduled for Wednesday, November 1, and November 8.

Our Vision

The Division of Inclusion and Community Engagement will serve as a model for the campus community by promoting practices that affirm the identities of those we encounter in our daily work – students, staff, faculty, and community members. We will conduct our work intentionally by encouraging thought outside of traditional models, utilizing current research-based practices, and by actively considering our own and others’ power and position to foster a sense of belonging, connectedness, respect, trust, and humility within our Division and among those we serve. We envision a beloved community of “total interrelatedness,” in which persons consider their well-being to be dependent upon the well-being of others.

Our Work

Our work takes place in support of, and in alignment with, the college’s mission and its community values, which recognizes the diversity of individuals in our community, and strives to create connections that promote belonging, inclusion, and equity for all constituents.

The responsibilities of this office are both responsive, such as providing a first point of contact for local community leaders, but also proactive. In this latter role, the office seeks – with other partners on campus - to make Ursinus a welcoming community for people from all backgrounds and people in all roles: students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the larger Collegeville community.

On February 10, 2022, President Marstellar announced the new structure for the Inclusion and Community Engagement division.

Inclusion and Community Engagement News

Last 3 Conversations About and Across Difference

A special treat is in store for our last three fall semester dates! Not only will you have a free lunch, for each of our last three lunch dates, we will randomly draw participants’ names to win prizes.
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Office of Inclusion and Community Engagement

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