Advocacy Pathways

Old Gold

  • Join a committee (Beloved Community, DART, Pride, Heritage celebrations, Inclusive Navigators, etc.)
  • Actively share what you learn from “A Long Talk” with folks in your area/office – schedule a special lunch with colleagues, ask for time on the next meeting agenda
  • Set a goal to attend 2-3 relevant events during the month/semester, and hold yourself accountable for doing so (refer to Beloved Community or IIE events calendar)
  • Volunteer to connect with students (as a guest speaker or panelist) from cultural or affinity clubs or DICE programs (Crigler, Rice Scholars, Smith Scholars, etc.)


  • Volunteer to facilitate a “Conversations About and Across Difference” lunch and ask 2-3 co-workers to join you (as facilitators, or regular attendees)
  • Serve as a mentor to students (via Crossroads Mentoring program) or connect with students from cultural or affinity clubs as an advisor
  • Volunteer to serve as a “buddy” (through HR) to a new employee
  • Propose an Inclusive Community Grant project


  • Actively reflect on your work and that of your department and consider things that should change to reflect inclusive practices. Propose the change and let DI know about it!
  • Bring a topic to the Advisory Council to DICE.
  • Serve as an area liaison to DICE