2022-2023 DICE Award winners

Sycamore Award

The Ursinus Sycamore Community Engagement Award recipient recognizes the interconnectedness between the campus and the surrounding community, and acknowledges that the campus is as much a laboratory for learning as the community is for building knowledge. 

This award started in 2023, and is presented annually in the spring semester to a student, staff, faculty, community member or organization that has demonstrated excellence in bringing people together in a spirit of learning, unity, understanding, and cooperation.

Through much of Ursinus history, a mighty Sycamore Tree stood at the location of the current Patterson Field. Determined to be 200-250 years old at its falling, the tree came to symbolize the lasting strength of the college and the longevity of its traditions.

Award Criteria

This award will be presented to students, staff, faculty, community members or organizations  embodying the goals of the award as articulated above, and for whom the following is also true:

Commitment to Identifying and Addressing Community Needs

The award recipient will be a change agent, seeking solutions to questions or concerns that impact Ursinus and the surrounding local community, and inspiring others to do the same.

Collaboration and Connection with Ursinus College

The award recipient engages in a mutually beneficial relationship with the college through events, activities, or time dedicated to addressing identified campus or community concerns/questions.

Building Bridges of Learning

The award recipient brings awareness about organizations, cultures, and systems to the campus and surrounding local communities, which further fosters civic engagement and volunteering.

All current faculty, staff, students, and community members/partners are eligible to receive the award, with the exception of previous recipients.

Nominations for the 2023-2024 academic year are requested by October 15, 2023

Nomination Form

The Ursinus Sycamore Community Engagement Awards are administered by the Division of Inclusion and Community Engagement.

The recipients of the 2023 Sycamore Community Engagement Awards are:

Maia Peele ’23, (Anthropology, Sociology)
Steve Gehringer, Director of Facilities
Giovanna Steyaert, Visiting Assistant Professor of Modern Languages
Catherine Kernen, President, Collegeville Borough Council