Website Submission

Please note: The most efficient way to post an event, story or announcement is through your department’s web editor. Every academic and administrative office has an editor or editors who can post on the Ursinus website. All postings on the website will populate on the Good Morning Ursinus email. You may use this form to submit information to the Ursinus website if those options are not available. This submission form is only monitored several times a week. Please contact Erin Hovey at if you have submitted and do not see the information posted within 5 days. Thank you!

Please select the appropriate tab for a news story, event listing, photo or announcement.

Submit an Announcement

Announcements are displayed on pages used by students, faculty and staff. Announcements should be fairly brief (3 to 5 sentences, 50 to 100 words) and should summarize the information. If necessary, link to a webpage for more detailed information. Be sure to specify a start and end date for display.

Submit a Story

News stories can be about accomplishments of faculty or students, interesting activities, or major initiatives. You can provide the text or just supply us with relevant information.

Submit an Event

Makes sure you have all the details (date, time, location) before submitting an event. Pick a strong title and interesting description to encourage readers. You can submit a photo for your listing after you submit the event.


Submit an Image

Images can be submitted to accompany a news story or event listing. You can also submit a photo for use on the home page.