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With the support of 12,903 donors to date, we’ve raised more than $82 million of our $100 million goal—moving us closer to a new era of recognition, financial strength and accomplishment, and enabling us to keep our promise to our students.

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Thank you to...

Adrienne Amster

Christina Armstrong Brouse '58

Susan Reider Eichlin '62

Jack L. Elander ’59

Jane M. Flynn

Monique M. Fritzinger

James M. Hammell

Eric Hason

Billie Jean Dickerson Hirokawa '69

Scott Mackenzie

MaryAnn McCann

Mary Manzo Minardi '88

S. Ronald Morley

Adrienne L. Murphy-Stout ’13

Kathlene Dolman Newkirk '65

Argyro N. Pagan

Jenna M. Poligo ’11

Gerald E. Rahill

Susan Esterly Reidy '72

Maureen Smeltz Ryals '05

Dean W. Scott ’14

Jane Walter Suman '62

Laurie Holmes Sutherland '81

Elizabeth Halye Young '77

Joseph D. Zimmerman

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We invite Ursinus alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students and partners
to step forward to help build this College’s bright future.

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