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With the support of 13,342 donors to date, we’ve now raised nearly $89 million of our $100 million goal—moving us closer to a new era of recognition, financial strength and accomplishment, and enabling us to keep our promise to our students.

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Thank you to...

Paul S. Adams

Suzanne H. Arnold

Juliette A. Aurora

Jeanmarie Grubb Brewster '75

Mallory Carcia ’15

Maureen A. Damiano

Stacey Schauer Dawes '91

James B. Geyer ’58

Amy Garber Heim '02

Daniel A. Hidalgo ’14

Deborah Pellegrino Konstant '86

Leslie Elton Latch '82

Jeanne Linden-Fox

Mitchell B. Lowenstein ’68

Maria-Fatima R. Manalo

Erony Whyte Martin '05

Ted McKenzie

Bevolyn Syvertsen Oliver '54

Julia M. Polo

Kelly L. Reynolds ’12

Stephanie A. Schmidt ’13

Barry E. Spencer ’68

Mario J. Spina ’88

David T. Tobias

Stephen H. Young ’79

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We invite Ursinus alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students and partners
to step forward to help build this College’s bright future.

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