Ursinus College: 150 Keep the Promise Going

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With the support of 14,157 donors to date, we’ve now surpassed our $100 million goal for Keep the Promise. The impact of this campaign is already apparent across our campus with new facilities and upgrades, increased financial aid and expanded curricular and co-curricular programs.

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Thank you to...

Nancy Matterness Basselgia '52

Perrin Moses Behr '08

Matthew Boyer

Harry E. Broadbent III '69

Jackie J. Curran

Carolyn Estes Estes Williams '77

Robert G. Fisher ’53

Deborah L. Foss

David M. Helms

Virginia Keim Hudnut '54

Patricia Alexander Kratz '76

Samantha S. Lowes ’13

Philip A. Mandato Jr. '98

Cindy M. Mason

Lynn D. Maurer

Carole W. McFarland

Jeffrey O. Michaels

Margaret A. O'Donnell

Charles E. Orth

Barbara G. Rheiner

Antonio Y. Rosa

Bradley M. Smith ’07

Miriam W. Smith

Anita Weilnau

Ann Irish Wilderom '58

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We invite Ursinus alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students and partners
to step forward to help build this College’s bright future.

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