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With the support of 12,245 donors to date, we’ve raised more than $75 million of our $100 million goal—moving us closer to a new era of recognition, financial strength and accomplishment, and enabling us to keep our promise to our students.

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Thank you to...

Laura J. Armstrong

Barbara R. Ashenfelter

Michael E. Bloom ’12

Briana H. Brukilacchio ’13

Regina E. Buggy ’81

Barbara A. Caffrey ’88

Gwen M. Cicone

Nathaniel J. Dysard ’06

Barbara Fogg

Marilyn Diecks Hahn '67

Richard P. Hurff ’64

Heidi E. Jensen ’14

C. Irene Schlosser Krohnemann '73

Benjamin J. Maliken ’54

Leah A. Masiello ’15

Mark E. Morrison

Barbara E. Narvid

Patricia Naab Patterson '80

Diana B. Reeves

Stephanie Sager

Diane Schaeffer

Donna Siter

Ursinus Student Government Association

Susan S. van Mulbregt

Richard Wilson

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We invite Ursinus alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students and partners
to step forward to help build this College’s bright future.

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