Gift Donation Policy

The following policy is designed to provide guidance to those who wish to donate gifts to Myrin Library.  Individual donors and college departments who have clients wishing to donate collections should consult with the Collection Management Librarian first about the ability to house the collections. A “letter of interest” outlining the contents of the gift may also be required.

The library may accept gift books on the following conditions:

  • The gift item is in good physical condition and has not been exposed to mold, mildew or any other harmful materials.
  • We are not under any obligation to add the gift to the collection. Once the gift has been donated to the library, it becomes the property of the library. Based on the needs of the college campus, we cannot guarantee that it will be added to the collection.
  • If we decide not to add donated items to the general collection, we are not required to ship the books back to the donor. We will find an alternative location for them, which may include, but is not limited to:  selling at a book sale, transferring them to another institution, or donating to a local agency/organization.
  • If we do decide to add the gift to the collection, we are not under any specific timeline to have books catalogued and on the shelves. In addition, as a gift item becomes outdated, worn or is no longer being used, it will be withdrawn in the same way as items the library has purchased. We cannot guarantee the gift will remain a permanent part of the collection.
  • If an appraisal is required, the donor is fully responsible for the funding and scheduling. To remain in compliance with current tax law, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service prohibits libraries from being involved in the appraisal process. This needs to be completed prior to donation.
  • If the gift item needs to be shipped, the donor is fully responsible for funding and scheduling of the transportation to Myrin Library.
  • We cannot accept the following:
  • Textbooks
  • Magazines
  • Materials that do not contribute to the overall mission of the college
  • LP Records
  • Non-commercially produced videotapes
  • Unauthorized audio recordings
  • Juvenile books

Acknowledgement of the gift will be supplied to the donor via letter from the Collection Management Librarian. A bookplate with the donor’s name may be placed in the book(s) at the request of the donor. Please note:  we cannot, by federal law, estimate value on the gift items for tax purposes. That is the responsibility of the donor.