Instruction in the classroom

Connections to Teaching and Learning

Librarians and instructional technologists are partners with faculty and students in the primary educational enterprise of the college, to encourage “students to think for themselves, so that they may become mature, responsible independent adults in an interdependent world.”

We believe that in a world with ever-increasing availability of information and rapidly changing technologies, the ability to be thoughtful and thorough in their use of information and to effectively interact with technologies – whatever their major – is crucial both to their education and to their personal and professional lives after graduation.

 What We Offer:

  • Research workshops for students that teach research strategies and processes, along with skills in using library resources and web tools, and encourage inquiry-based learning.
  • Collaboration on designing assignments that make effective use of the library’s resources
  • Consultations on the best use of technology in courses and on strategies for effectively incorporating technology in teaching and learning
  • Partnerships with faculty to fully integrate technology in courses through sound pedagogical practice that will help to enhance students’ academic success
  • Help with assessment through surveys and other means to evaluate students’ ability to use technology and research strategies to create academically excellent projects
  • Workshops for faculty about emerging trends in instructional technologies and research tools
  • Workshops and consultations for faculty on emerging trends in scholarly publishing, including authors’ rights, open access, copyright and preservation
  • Consultation on building a comprehensive print and digital collection of materials to support student research
  • Help finding materials not available here on campus or through our online resources
  • Advice on fair use and copyright
  • Assistance with plagiarism detection and education

Our Goals:

Through collaboration with faculty and direct interaction with students, we are focused on each student’s success on campus and in the world beyond.

We help students become strong researchers in the literature of their disciplines and in general as they begin to explore topics more deeply and meaningfully than they have done before and use technologies in more purposeful ways.

We work with faculty to help students expand their conception of how they can use technology to create academically strong projects and participate thoughtfully in the conversations made possible by social media.

At the same time we impart the skills they need to carry on their research independently and understand how their scholarly work fits into the cycle of knowledge creation, evaluation, distribution and preservation.

Contact Us:

Stephen Buss
Web & Systems Management Librarian
P: 610-409-3034

Kerry Gibson
Collection Management Librarian
P: 610-409-3460

Christine Iannicelli
Associate Director of Research, Teaching & Learning Services
P: 610-409-3466

Andy Prock
Scholarly Communication & Metadata Librarian
P: 610-409-3291

Sue Ragusa
Instructional Technologist
P: 610-409-3153

Diane Skorina
Director of Research, Teaching & Learning Services
P: 610-409-3022