Cutler Fellows

The Digital Liberal Arts Working Group invites participation in a summer workshop on digital studies, to be funded by the Athena Institute, in summer 2019.

The Cutler Fellows will attend a summer workshop of their choice, including but not limited to the following:

All of these workshops, with the exception of DPL,  will be held in June 2019; DPL is August 2-9 2019. Thanks to the support of the Athena Institute, we are able to support registration, travel, and accommodation to a possible maximum of $2000.  

These workshops are designed for participants at all levels; applications from first-time participants and/or newcomers to the digital liberal arts are especially welcome. Applications will be due February 1.

Please respond briefly to the following questions.

  • What workshop/class do you hope to attend?
  • How would it inform your current or prospective work?
  • What classes or projects might you consider developing or adjusting on the basis of the summer workshop?

These grants may not be combined with other college funding for the summer, including TLI grants, Summer Workshop Grants, and Small Research Grants, or with Mellon grants supporting the Ursinus Quest: Open Questions Open Minds. Please contact Meredith Goldsmith ( with applications or with any questions.

Application Process

Send your application to Meredith Goldsmith ( by February 1, 2019.