Copyright and Fair Use

Ursinus College expects that all members of the college community comply with copyright law in all aspects of teaching, learning, research and academic or social campus events. In accordance with the faculty handbook, personnel handbook, student handbook, and federal law, members of the community must work to establish a reputation for integrity in matters pertaining to copyright and fair use.

As such, Ursinus College adheres to all U.S. Copyright Laws (Title 17, United States Code) including the following sections:

  • Section 106, which lists the exclusive rights of copyright owners. 
  • Section 107, which outlines Fair Use guidelines in an educational setting.
  • Section 108, which deals with reproduction by Libraries and Archives. 

The College acts in accordance with all Congressional copyright acts and amendments,
in particular:

Responsibility for copyright compliance rests with the individual(s) involved. The college recommends that all faculty, students, and staff members familiarize themselves with federal copyright laws. When making use of copyrighted material for educational purposes under fair use, please consult and retain a fair use checklist for each item to document any decisions.

The Copyright Clearance Center maintains a Campus Guide to Copyright Compliance that contains additional information pertinent to educational institutions.

Diane Skorina

Librarian of the College