Digital Fluency

The Library’s digital fluency program teaches students the research and technical skills crucial to succeeding academically, professionally, and personally in an increasingly digital world.

Digital Fluency Program

Here at Ursinus, we define digital fluency as the ability to discover, evaluate, and use information and technology effectively and ethically. Librarians work closely with students inside and outside the classroom to help them grow in their digital fluency skills.

Goal of the Program

The goal of the program is for librarians to participate fully in the development of Ursinus students by encouraging and teaching them to be information and digital literate. The Myrin Library provides students with the resources and services they need to be successful at Ursinus, offer diverse opportunities for continued knowledge and skill development, and fosters a sense of intellectual excitement as students approach increasingly complex questions and problems, thereby instilling in students a quality of mind that stays with them long after they graduate.