Environmental Health and Safety and Risk Management

Safety Policy and Injury Reporting

All employees are expected to work safely and to follow college safety policies and procedures. To learn more about the college’s safety policy, your responsibilities for safety, injury reporting, reporting of workplace hazards, how to make suggestions to improve workplace safety, and reporting indoor environmental quality issues, click on the links provided below. After reviewing the information, if you have any questions, please contact Cale Nelson,  Associate Vice President of Finance and Administration, or Carol McMillin, Director of EHS & Risk Management..


What is the college’s Safety Policy?

Who are the members of the Safety Committee and where can I access the meeting minutes?

What are my responsibilities for safety as an employee/supervisor/manager (including student employees)?

What should I do if I suffer a work-related injury?

How do I report unsafe conditions/hazards or make suggestions to improve workplace safety?

How do I report indoor environmental quality issues?