Academic Affairs

Student Comments Sought for Tenure Review

In accordance with the Ursinus College Faculty Handbook, student comments on teaching effectiveness and student-faculty interaction are invited at the time of a faculty member’s review for tenure. Although student comments must be signed to be considered, student names may be withheld, upon request, when their comments are shared with the Promotion and Tenure Committee, and the faculty member.

This year, the following members of the faculty are being reviewed for tenure:

  • Jose Cornelio, Modern Languages
  • Lori Daggar, History
  • Denise Finney, Biology
  • Johannes Karreth, Politics
  • Sarah Kaufman, Art & Art History
  • Casey Schwarz, Physics
  • Catherine van de Ruit, HEP
  • Danielle Widmann Abraham, Philosophy & Religious Studies
  • Lauren Wynne, Anthropology and Sociology

Your feedback is strongly encouraged and will assist the Committee in its review process. Please take some time to fill out this short survey to provide feedback on the professors by November 26, 2021. If you wish to provide feedback for another faculty member up for tenure, you can complete the survey once for each faculty member. If you have any issues, please contact