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January 13, Update — Vaccinations of staff involved in the on-site testing program, including our athletic trainers, are ongoing. We continue to explore Phase 1B of the planned vaccination roll-out and its potential for the college but, in the meantime, will fill out an early business vaccination registration form with the county. We also confirmed that current “front line” employees (primarily campus safety, facilities and admission) can participate in weekly on-site testing in the fieldhouse. A student-focused communication will be sent this week concerning pre-arrival testing (and other information); to date, we’ve received just over 530 tests. We are working through last details of the sign-up process for the PCR tests for the rest of January but, overall, things are progressing well. We also completed a purchase order for the first collection of Abbott antigen tests we have scheduled for early February. Last, we confirmed that dining options will be takeout only through Friday, Jan. 29.

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