Wellness Center

May 21 - An update on Ursinus College’s fall semester to the Class of 2024

Dear Families of the Class of 2024,

I realize that as the June 1 decision deadline quickly approaches, many of our prospective and newly enrolled students and families have questions about what the fall may bring, and the decision on where to attend college rests on a safe return to campus in the fall.

I would like to say unequivocally that Ursinus remains focused in preparing for our students’ safe return. We take pride knowing that our campus is “a home away from home” and that you have entrusted in us your confidence that we will always act in the best interests of our students. I write today to re-affirm that commitment and to illustrate how the entire Ursinus community is focused on our students’ wellbeing, while also ensuring the campus is well prepared for an in-residence fall semester.

Earlier this month, the leadership of Ursinus initiated meetings with the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners and its chairwoman, Dr. Valerie Arkoosh, to discuss the higher education landscape. With Dr. Arkoosh’s support, Ursinus took a leadership role to engage other regional college presidents with the goal of sharing best practices among one another. I hope this conveys the proactive manner in which we are seeking positive solutions to the challenges presented by this pandemic.

The most urgent of those challenges is the wellbeing of our students. Ursinus is among the first liberal arts colleges in the area to approach several of the nation’s leading clinical and diagnostic laboratories including LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics, both of which have research facilities nearby. I am proud of the very intentional approach Ursinus has taken to ensure we have a robust testing plan for incoming and returning students later this summer.

In many respects, these efforts are being coordinated by our COVID-19 Task Force, which meets virtually by internet every morning. I invite you to view their brief daily updates at www.ursinus.edu/coronavirus. Every day, the task force consults with the college’s vice presidents and senior leaders to ensure we are pursuing solutions in a collaborative and thoughtful manner.

We hear how the current environment is “unprecedented” and that so many uncertainties remain. That is true and reflects the reality in which we find ourselves. But the moment also demands agility, ingenuity and a confident vision. I want the families of the Class of 2024 to understand how Ursinus is approaching the summer with enthusiasm, and planning—to the very best of our ability—for a fall semester here in Collegeville.

I hope this message finds you in good health. Go, Bears!

President Brock Blomberg