Faculty and Staff

April 6, 2020: Virtual internships for summer 2020

Dear Faculty,

To increase the opportunity for students to earn credit for internships this summer, remote internships will be accepted for summer 2020. Updates have been made to student materials to outline the parameters regarding these remote experiences. Please note that students are able to earn credit for remote internships, but are not required to seek remote experiences, and they can still pursue in-person internships. Virtual environments may cause stress for some students who prefer the structure related to a concrete location and in-person contacts. And some types of experiences may not easily adapt to a virtual setting. In those cases, students can consider internships in fall, winter, or spring.

When communicating with your advisees please inform them that students need to add additional information to their Internship Learning Agreement (ILA) related to the remote experience, as outlined below**. When students submit the ILA you will immediately receive an email copy of the learning objectives and pre-reflections, which will include the student’s additional notes about their remote experience. These new parameters will be communicated to students and have been added to the attached Remote Additions_Student Guide to Credit Internships.

In certain situations, students may be able to earn some remote hours, but may be challenged to meet the full 120 or 160 hours. On an individual basis you may develop a plan with your advisee to supplement their internship work with additional assignments to fulfill the total hours. For instance, research time and preparation of a project related to the experience could be counted toward the accumulated internship hours. Additional project ideas are included for your consideration, in the file, Alternative Activities to Supplement Remote Internship Hours.

The attached Guidelines for Remote Internships is provided for your reference, as well. The Guide includes tips and characteristics that contribute to a successful remote internship and may be useful when advising students who are considering remote experiences. (Thanks to Michele Poruban for her great work on these materials and this broader issue!)

An additional note that may help when working with your advisees to outline their summer internship plans: Summer interns are eligible for campus housing during the summer months. The cost is $140 per week. Availability of summer housing in summer 2020 will be dependent on updated COVID-19 parameters.




Added to the Student Guide for Credit Internships

**Remote Internships*

*for the summer of 2020

A virtual internship is an experience where the student intern gains experience while working in a remote professional setting, not in a physical location.

In the pre-reflective section on the Internship Learning Agreement (ILA) students should answer the following questions in addition to the pre-reflection question.

  1. Identify how the remote setting will support your work toward the objectives written in the ILA
  2. Write a short paragraph describing how you will regularly (ex. once a week) and remotely (ex. Zoom meeting) connect with your Site Supervisor throughout the internship.
    1. Include how many hours you have planned to work remotely.
    2. Include any additional activities (ex. research on creating remote workouts for teen athletes) and the number of hours to complete those activities.