Faculty and Staff

August 6, 2020 - Remote/virtual internships only for Fall 2020 -- no on-site internships

Hi Faculty and Staff,

As Ursinus strives to reduce the risk of covid exposure, students who will be part of the on-campus population are asked to limit their experiences to remote/virtual internships this fall. Please reach out to your advisees who are planning for or who have already registered for a fall internship to confirm that their experience will be remote.

Attached are some guidelines for remote internships. (See the underlined material near the end of the attachment.) The attachment is in catalog-change format – the CPD and the Academic Standards and Discipline Committee have been working on language that can serve both during the virus situation and after it as well. Academic Council will review the attachment and then it will come up for a faculty vote for inclusion in the college catalog in the weeks ahead.

Also, rising seniors whose plans for a Summer 2020 or Fall 2020 internship have been disrupted by the virus situation may petition the Academic Standards & Discipline Committee to waive the ILE requirement. In some cases, it will be best to seek a Spring 2021 internship instead – rising seniors should discuss this possibility with their academic adviser and the CPD. Petitions should be sent to Kelly Sorensen. Students granted a waiver may be required to enroll in a one-credit Spring 2021 course about career and post-graduate development.

If you have questions about your advisee’s virtual internship plans for the fall, please reach out to Kelly Sorensen or Michele Poruban in the office of Career and Post-Graduate Development (CPD). CPD staff are available to meet with students by video or phone to discuss their goals and devise action plans, so please refer students to the CPD who may need support: career@ursinus.edu or 610-409-3599.


Kelly Sorensen
Michele Poruban