New Canvas Features

Canvas regularly updates its system with new features and improvements. Listed below are some of the new features:

  • Canvas has a new Rich Content Editor. Consult this tutorial and these instructions to learn more.
  • Canvas now has the ability to check assignment file submissions for plagiarism through our new Plagscan integration. Consult these instructions to learn more.
  • As always, you can import select content or an entire course into your new course by following these instructions. If, however, you only want to copy a single piece of content from one course to another, you can now click the three dots next to the Canvas item, choose Copy To, and select the desired course.
  • In addition to sharing content you create to Canvas Commons, you can now share select pieces of content you create in Canvas with other professors by clicking on the three dots next to the Canvas item, choosing Send To, and selecting the professor from the dropdown list.
  • You can now access Student View in the top right-hand corner of any Canvas course page. 

Student view inside of Canvas