Environmental Health and Safety and Risk Management

Re-Evaluate Your Work Station

Start your new year and semester off right!  Re-assess your home or work office setup to maintain proper body alignment, personal comfort, and physical well-being.  Check out all the available resources here.  

If you are working from home,

  • Designate a specific area that has limited distractions and natural lighting, if available.
  • Use a work surface that is 28-30 inches high.
  • Use a chair that supports your lower back.
  • Utilize a keyboard and mouse when using a laptop for an extended period.
  • Raise the laptop height by using books, reams of paper, or another sturdy object so that you view the screen at or near the top.
  • Take micro-breaks every hour.
  • Stretch frequently and re-adjust in your chair or standing position.

Need further assistance?  Contact Carol McMillin  at cmcmillin@ursinus.edu to set up an in-person (if on campus) or virtual (if working remotely) ergonomic assessment.