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Lead. Leaks. Legionella.

Mrs. Rebekah Martin, a member of the Flint Water Study team from Virginia Tech, will explain the team’s internationally recognized work – done in collaboration with Flint, Michigan residents – to expose widespread lead in water contamination.

The team, led by engineering professor Marc Edwards, combines ethics engineering, citizen science, laboratory experiments, investigative science, and social media to confirm the high lead levels in Flint’s water.

Mrs. Martin, a graduate of Bucknell University, is pursuing her doctorate degree in Civil Engineering focusing on sustainable water treatment and water quality at Virginia Tech. Her research includes a study of the “Transport of Hydraulic Fracturing Water and Wastes in the Susquehanna River Basin, Pennsylvania,” but has shifted to broadly consider the intersections of microbiology, chemistry, and public health in drinking water plumbing systems.

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